October 2016 Program

How Did You Do That?

We have a special meeting planned for Thursday, October 20th at 7:00 pm. Club members will share their vision, techniques, and tools as we review their images. You don’t want to miss it!


7:00 – 7:25   Welcome, Member Share, and Announcements

7:30 – 9:00   How did you do that? – Club particpants

About Our Program: How did you do that?








When I first started coming to the photo club meetings, one of the most helpful activities for me, was seeing other club members’ “before and after” images. It was then that I realized I was taking pretty good pictures, but didn’t have a clue how to edit them in a way that brought out the best in my image. Hearing other members share the various ways they chose to improve their images was a game changer for me. I think it will be a fun exercise whether you are a seasoned photographer, or a beginner.

For this month’s meeting, we are going to ask you to submit one (or two) “Before and After” sets of images. We want to know HOW you arrived at your final image, by sharing some of the following information:

  1. Was the image taken with a digital camera, or a phone camera?
  2. How did you make your edits – with Photoshop, Lightroom, Picasa, phone apps (which ones) or other programs?
  3. If you used some Plug-in filters, please (try to) tell us what you used…. the name of the plug-ins (On1, Topaz, Nik, etc.), plus any specifics you want to share beyond that.


Please come prepared to share more specific details of your editing workflow. It does not need to be a drastic edit, but something that shows where you started, and how you chose to make your final image. This will NOT be a critique session, unless you specifically request suggestions for your particular image.

To prepare your images, please resize them to 2,000 pixels on the long side, and label them 1FirstName_LastName_BF, and 1FirstName_LastName_Edit, and 2FirstName_Last Name, etc. Please try to get these submitted to hcphotoclub@gmail.com by October 18.

Please Note:

Since we will be talking about our images in more detail than our normal “Critiques”, we will show at least one set of images from each person who chooses to send one, and then look at additional sets as time and interest allow.


  • If you have a Facebook account, you may join our club’s Closed Group page and keep up with current member news as well as postings of Calls for Entry that you may wish to enter, or share other important or interesting information with our group. Go to HCPC Members. You must be a paid member to post and use this account. It is the easiest and best way to keep current on photo opps and member news. Carolyn Whiteside is the administrator of this page – thank you Carolyn!
  • You may also send a write-up of Accomplishments and Awards information that you would like to share on our website by submitting your information in a concise manner, and email to Art Arizpe at webmaster@hcphotoclub.org.